Series of bandhs

Although it is a rainy season, nowadays rarely we see rains in and round Mysuru. However, whatever it may be the reason, it looks like it is a season of strikes or bandhs, which are affecting the lives of many and unlike rains, sure to happen once announced. Recently we saw strike for three days by KSRTC employees for salary hike and other issues, crippling the daily routine and may be for the first time schools and other educational institutions were closed for two days at the start of the strike itself. Now it is the turn of bank staff, who have called for strike for one day, thank God, it is not an indefinite strike like KSRTC. Then comes another bandh for water dispute between the states. Next may be for another reason. Calling for bandh or strikes has became a right of the groups. Can we change this culture, as these will definitely affect the life of daily wage earners, under privileged, if not others?

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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