Setting an example

It is heartening to know the Visakhapatnam Traffic Police are implementing the helmet rule effectively. They have fined 617 police staff starting from Constable to SI for violating the helmet rule during the  year 2016 and sent a strong message to  general public that  road safety is must to everyone and police are not an exception to this. This indicates the importance given for road safety. Thus, it became a model city to the country for the implementation of helmet rule. Despite several accidents in the past leading to death of the riders, even now many are not wearing the helmets in our city too. Many people are ready to carry the helmet(s), but reluctant to wear it. Helmets have become a show piece and people are wearing it only for  police sake, which is not a good practice. They should wear it for their safety.  As the city is celebrating the ‘ Road Safety Week” currently, it is the right time to start wearing it.

Dr. S.V.N. Vijayendra, Mysuru


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