Sewage from Tibetan settlement polluting River Cauvery

 Though efforts to conserve lakes and measures to protect River Cauvery have been steped up across the state, despite repeated pleas the officials concerned have failed to prevent the contamination of River Cauvery by the sewage from Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe.

Bylakuppe is one of the most popular and internationally-renowned tourist spots that is a refuge for thousands of Buddhist monks and Tibetans and is located in Periyaatna taluk.

Tibetan settlement that houses thousands of Buddhist monks on the way to Dodda Harave village in the taluk every day releases sewage and kitchen waste to the River Cauvery.

However to collect and manage sewage of the settlement, a huge pit has been constructed on a four-acre plot. But the pipeline carrying the sewage water has developed leaks and the water has been clogging the roadside and through the forest and Koppa village is entering the River Cauvery.

 Last year, five cattle died owing to drinking of contaminated water. However, the then Assistant Commisioner of Hunsur Vinutha Priya had directed the management of the Tibetan settlement to provide due compensation to owners of the cattle.

 Despite that the taluk administration has failed to provide a permanent solution to the problem.

 Although there have been several struggles highligting the issue, no efforts have been taen to address the issue.

 Except for the then Assistant Commissioner of Hunsur Vinutha Priya and Bylakuppe SI Muddu Mahadev none have been sensitive to the issue faced by residnets of Dodda Harave and nearby villages.

 The taluk administration fear to tackle the issue head on owing to the international recognition gained by the Buddhist monks residing in the Tibetan settlement.

Thus fearing the management of Tibetan settlement in Bylakuppe, the taluk administration has refused to act and provide a permanent solution to the contamination of River Cauvery. Moreover, woing to untreated seawage and kitchen waste, it is contaminating water sources in nearby villages, noted D P Raju, a resident of Dodda Harave Village.

“It is sad that we have been reduced to the position of refugees in our own land,” he rued.

 Further he warned that if the taluk administration continued to show its apathetic attitude towards the issue, it will have to face serious protests from residents of the villages in the taluk.
 However, Panchayay Development Officer Shivayogi has assured to resolve the issue at the earliest.

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