Shameless characters

Bengaluru Development Minister K J George’s resignation has ended the controversy in the suicide case of  Dy.SP MK Ganapathi.  The first phase of fight between the Chief Minister Siddaramaiah (not the ruling party) and the combined opposition of BJP and JD(S) has helped cooling of tempers to some extent. The question in the minds of people is how the Chief Minister can give the judgement even before the investigation started? George, who is dubbed as ATM of Congress, according to media, is already involved in many controversies. Instead of facilitating speedy and impartial investigation, Siddaramiah chose to defend his colleague attributing that family feud was the cause for suicide and that there is no evidence of George’s involvement. The way Siddaramaiah singlehandedly tried to protect his colleague is amazing!  Politics is all about money and power. Decency, dignity, honour and truth have little relevance. Shame on you politicians, you are a different breed altogether. Your DNA needs exhaustive study.

Avinash M S, Mysuru

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