Shankaracharya jayanti observed at Shankara mutt

Shankaracharya jayanti was observed at Shankar mutt on Sunday. D T Prakash paid floral tributes to the image of Shankaracharya.
Speaking on the occasion, he said, “Shankaracharya is also called as Prachanna Budha. He wrote comments on Bhagavdgeetha, Upanishads and Brahmasutra. Shankaracharya in his work said that there is no difference between human beings. The one who attains the universal truth is called a guru. Whether he is brahmin or a dalit, he is a guru. It is an honour to celebrate his jayanti,” he said.
Dharmadarshi of Shankara mutt Ramachandra, president of district brahmins’ association D T Prakash, corporator M V Ramaprasad, Vikram Aiyangar, Ajay Shastry, Jagadish Kadakola, Jogi Manju, Raghu B M and others were present

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