Shastry Charitable Trust celebrates International Yoga Day

 International Yoga Day was celebrated by Shastry Charitable Trust in Hunsur, recently.

Shastry Public School, Shastry Higher Primary School and Shastry PU College jointly observed International Yoga Day at their school premises.

Addressing the students at the event, Shastry Charitable Trust secretary Radhakrishna said Yoga is an essential part of every human being; it’s a creative art that helps us to be physically and mentally strong. “Yoga is the combination of Jeevathma and Paramathma,” he added.

The students presented Surya Namaskara, Taadasana, Rukshasana, Paschimatsana, Shashankasana, Sarvanga Aasana, Trikosana, Banjangasana, Banjangasana, Pranayama, Yoga prayer, Paadasana, Urdaasana, Ekapadasana, Dandasana, Gomukhaasana and others through a unique dance.

Principal Ravishankar, Director Sachith, journalist Dharmapura Narayan, head mistress Satyavathi and others were present.

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