Sheer carelessness

Being a regular user of ring road, I would like to narrate my experience. Of the three lanes on each side of ring road, the extreme left lane is occupied by stationery trucks and the extreme right lane is most dangerous to drive because suddenly out of the blue you will find a vehicle coming from opposite direction. In either situation, one should have very sharp reflexes to avoid accident. In fraction of a second you have to see the mirror ensure the center lane is empty and change lane or apply brakes which is difficult even at a speed of 50 or 60 kmph. According to me driving on wrong side of ring road is  the most irresponsible and uncivilized act a person can commit on the road. These  people, in order to save on petrol, enter wrong side of ring road thereby putting their life as well as other road users life at risk.

Saleem Khan, Mysuru

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