Ships recycling bill will boost India’s business: Govt

India is a global leader with 30 per cent market in ship recycling business

Business News, Nation, (New Delhi), December 3:-A bill that seeks to regulate recycling of ships according to international standards will further boost the ship-breaking business in India, after Parliament passes it, Union minister Mansukh Mandaviya told Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

However, Congress member Hibi Eden opposed the Recycling of Ships Bill, questioning the “hurry” with which the government had brought it and cautioning that India’s rivals in the business like Pakistan, Bangladesh and China may benefit at its cost.

India is a global leader with 30 per cent market.

Piloting the bill, Mandaviya, who holds the independent charge of the shipping ministry, said the bill’s provisions are in line with Hong Kong Convention that lays out a framework for the ship recycling business, which has huge environmental and safety dimensions.

India, he added, also gets 10 per cent of its steel from this business and expressed confidence that the legislation will help grow the country’s share of trade.

Out of around 1,000 merchant ships which are broken every year, 300 are brought in India, he said, noting that Gujarat has the dominant share in the country.

Eden claimed that the bill, once it comes into force, may worsen the environment damage the industry causes and will adversely harm the fisherman community.

Countering the Congress leader, BJP’s Bhartiben Shiyal said the legislation will only help regulate the industry in a better way.

Many European countries which would not send their ships to India for recycling, will now do so and boost the country’s business, she said.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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