Shocking but true

I am  sending this  e-mail to  you as the e-mail Id of the Chief Election Commissioner of India was not available on the ECI website. I, therefore, request this to be forwarded to the CEC for taking necessary action. I was aghast this morning to see the video footage on  a news channel in which BJP Member of  Parliament  was found to be engaged frantically in a very vitriolic communal rant against  Muslims in Uttar Pradesh while addressing a poll rally. He was making very wild allegations against the Muslim community which was not only highly communal but also in contradiction of the facts. His speeches were meant to  cause deep communal polarisation  between the religious communities and with an eye to the vote of  the majority Hindu community.  The MP in question is   Sakshi Maharaj and his speeches  are  not only in flagrant violation of the model code of conduct which forbids such utterances but also against the Supreme Court’ s  ruling  recently  Not to use religion to  woo voters. His speeches also constitute an offence under the Indian Penal Code and are fraught with  dangerous consequences for social and communal harmony . I therefore request you to direct the  District Collector  and the Superintendent of  Police of the district  concerned and the Police Inspector of the jurisdiction police officer concerned to take cognizance of  the criminal offences committed by the M.P and bring him to justice. I have filed this complaint to you as a public-spirited citizen of this nation whose constitutional  and democratic governance is based on  the fundamental principles of  secularism.  I also request you to warn the BJP functionaries against  resorting to communal rant and polarisation  for the sake of  vote and power.

M Jameel Ahmed, Mysuru

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