Shortage of salt is a rumour: DC Randeep

“There is no shortage of table salt and we have abundant supply of salt in the district. Anti social elements have spread the rumour of salt shortage and people should not fall prey for it,” said Deputy Commissioner D Randeep.

A rumour was spread all over that the supply of salt will be reduced in the coming days. Unaware that it was just a rumour, people rushed to the shops to buy salt. Making use of the situation, several merchants tried to increase the price of salt. Taking note of this, Randeep said that the licences of merchants who sell salt at higher price will be cancelled.

“There is enough stock and supply of salt. People should not get carried away by rumours. Merchants are not supposed to pile up stock of salt and create artificial shortage of salt. If anyone is found indulging in such acts, strict action will be taken against them,” warned the DC.

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