Shortfilm ‘Flashback’ screened at SBRR Mahajana College

The short movie, ‘Flashback’ was screened at SBRR Mahajana First Grade College by the Film Academy. The director of the short film is Chandan K who has worked with noted actor Prem of Jogi fame, while the principal and students of the college have acted in the movie.

Chandan quoting the example of Valmiki who wrote Ramayana noted that a human being however steeped in bad habits and cruel can be transformed.

The short film revolves around three college students, and as the title of the film indicates uses the technique of flashback. The three students who are friends are slave to all kinds of addiction but have greater friendship with each other. The three derive immense pleasure by hurting others and continue to remain the same for long. However, friendship between the three is strained by their common attraction towards a girl. Also, this turns out to be their turning point when the three begin to focus on life with utmost seriousness and develop TCH company. They grow into responsible citizens and work for the welfare of the others.

Prof K V Prabjakar, Principal of SBRR Mahajana First Grade College, noted that cinema played a key role in maintaining the health of the society.

Director of Bajarangi Varun Mahesh and director of Vaishnavi K Shashidar inaugurated the film screening at the college.

Speaking to the students, Shashidar noted that young directors in Kannada should be encouraged.


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