Shun superstitions, be rational: Hulikal Nataraj

The youth’s participation in the science fest created new hope on further innovations. Spreading message over scientific temperaments, a two-day state level science fest Yureka 2016, organised by Yuvaraja College concluded with various demonstrations by experts from various arena including miracle busted rational thinker Hulikal Nataraj here on Sunday.

Science scholars who attended the event suggested students to spread scientific vision and rational thinking and thus pave the way for a better society which would in turn contribute to empowerment of people and nation’s development.

Speaking at the event, Yuvaraja College Controller of Examination Dr S N Hegade said that though the education system encourages scientific temperament, it is unfortunate that even in the civilized society people believe in superstitions. Even the teaching faculty evince faith in blind beliefs which not only impacts the career of students but also the society at large.

Even in the University of Mysore there have been several instances of such practices in the absence of rationalism. Due to lack of scientific temperament, the society continues to remain underdeveloped. The college has been organising science fest to stress on rational thinking among students, he added.

Speaking at the event, MLA Vasu asserted that people must oppose blind beliefs. Every individual must be rational. Unless we adopt rational thinking, it is hard to convince everyone. Science education and demonstrations such as miracle busting can make significant influence among the people and thus eradicate blind beliefs.

Addressing students he said, superstitious practices effect development of personality among the youth. Such practices harm personal growth and should be shunned by all.

The MLA lauded Yuvaraja College for organising the science fest and conducting quality research in the field of science.

University of Mysore Registrar Professor C Basavaraju, Principal Professor H Nanjegowda, Administrative Officer Dr R Ganesh, Yureka Coordinator Dr H N Kanthalakshmi were present.

The students were enthralled by demonstrations of Snake Shyam, Hulikal Nataraj and the bike expo.

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