Siddaramaiah: Autonomous status to temples a ‘plot to grab property’

Prime News, Karnataka, Religion, Politics, Bengaluru, January 3:- “The ruling BJP government is nurturing an ulterior motive behind giving autonomous status to temples in the state. One faction in the party has kept its evil eyes on the property of the temples. The religious mafia in the ruling party, which does business in the name of God, has planned this plot to encroach on the assets of temples,” said leader of Opposition and former chief minister Siddaramaiah.

Siddaramaiah further accused the ruling BJP government and said, “Temples are independent even now. There is no point in the government saying that they will make them independent. Controlling of temples by the government means that even the least of the people in a society has the right over it. The plot of BJP government’s plan to make them independent simply means that the control will go away from the communities.

“The government is resorting to giving the management of the temple into the hands of just 2 percent of the people, ignoring the rights of 5.5 crore Kannadigas. The policy of this government has to be opposed by every Hindu who is aware and intelligent,” the senior Congress leader said. (Inputs: Agencies, NGB)

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