Siddaramaiah has lost control over his tongue, opines BJP leader MG Mahesh

Prime News, Karnataka, Politics, Mysuru, October 18:- Senior Congress leader and former chief minister Siddaramaiah, it seems, has lost control over his tongue and is talking rubbish time and again. He uses unparliamentary words against leaders of other parties. He thinks he is the champion of the poorer sections of the society but he is contrary to it, opined Bharatiya Janata Party state spokesman M G Mahesh here on Monday (October 18).

He said, “Siddaramaiah’s grandchildren are studying abroad and he is talking of poverty. When he was at the helm of affairs, he gave thousands of crores to his central party leaders. The list is long. He should know what he is talking about. If he thinks people are fools, he is mistaken.”

Mahesh said, “That the Congress has been on a losing streak in the state, Siddaramaiah, it seems, has lost his senses. For the sake of publicity, he is criticising others. Now, he has started talking against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He is a disgruntled leader and loose talks have become a habit for him.”

The BJP leader said, “Dalits and Backward Classes are weaning away from the Congress. His dream of becoming Chief Minister again will remain a dream. In all the states where Congress is ruling, there is infighting. In Karnataka, we have D K Shivakumar group, Siddaramaiah group, Dr G Parameshwar group and so on. At this rate, Congress is bound to split.” (MR/GK)

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