Siddaramaiah has masala dosa at Hotel Nalapak; hits out at Srinivas Prasad

Mysuru, December 3:- Public campaign for the by-elections will come to an end today at 6 pm. Senior political leaders who have been tirelessly campaigning are a relieved lot. They all will head back to their constituencies after the campaign. Former chief minister Siddaramaiah who was in a relaxed mood visited Nalapak hotel at Dattagalli in the city and had idli & vada and masala dosa.

His followers and supporters accompanied him. Responding to the statement by HD Kumaraswamy that Congress leader Mallikarjuna Kharge would distribute sweets after December 9, Siddaramaiah said he may be confident of winning all the 15 seats. Kumaraswamy had also commented that the state has not had a Dalit chief minister so far.

Responding to BJP MP V Srinivas Prasad who said people would whitewash Congress in the by-elections, Siddaramaiah said Prasad has not yet learnt lessons even after losing the by-election in Nanjanagudu. He said he can’t answer to everything that Prasad says.

“People will not accept the disqualified MLAs who are standing in front of them seeking votes to become ministers. People know that they have sold themselves for money. People are expressing their anger against these disqualified MLAs. They will teach them a lesson in the by-election,” Siddaramaiah said. (MR/KS).

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