Siddaramaiah likens BSY government to empty vessel

BJP government lured our MLAs with ill-gotten money, says Congress leader

Mysuru, July 30:- The state BJP government has completed one year in the office and is happy that so far, nothing untoward has happened as far as its survival is concerned. Taking the government to task, former chief minister and Opposition leader Siddaramaiah on Thursday (July 30) said, “The party gave big advertisements to all the major newspapers to mark its one year in the office. Empty vessels make more noise. I think the Yediyurappa government is like an empty vessel.”

Speaking to reporters at the Mysuru Press Club at Agrahara here, Siddaramaiah commented, “Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa has released a book on his government’s performance in the last one year. He should have added the party’s manifesto along with it. We would have known what their performance is. The government has assumed power through illegal means and it has no people’s blessings. They had won only 104 seats when the state Assembly elections were held last year. They resorted to “Operation Kamala” to form the government. They lured MLAs from both Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) to form the government. They used ill-gotten money to make a backdoor entry to grab power. This is what their achievement is in the last one year.”

Continuing his tirade, the Congress leader said, “Fourteen MLAs from Congress and three MLAs from JD(S) were virtually bought. This is an illegal government. The BJP has no respect for the Constitution. In one of the Assembly sessions, MLA Srinivas Gowda had said he was offered Rs 25 crore to lend support to the BJP government. Where did the money come from? It is definitely through illegal sources.”

He continued, “When the central government released Rs 1,800 crore as flood relief to Karnataka, Yediyurappa went around giving it big publicity. You call it flood relief? Flood-affected people have not got what they were supposed to get. There is a total failure on the part of the government. The BJP leaders spent crores of rupees on the mid-term elections. This is what they have really achieved.”

Turning his attention to the alleged corruption in the purchase of the medical equipment by the state government for treating coronavirus patients, Siddaramaiah said, “Soon after Karnataka Congress chief D K Shivakumar and I arranged a press meet, the same evening, five BJP ministers held a press meet. It goes go on to show how scared they are. The accounts that were given before and after the press meet don’t really tally.”

Narasimharaja Constituency Congress MLA Tanveer Sait, MLC R Dharmasena, Mysuru District Journalists’ Association (MDJA) president C K Mahendra, general secretary Lokesh Babu and others were present. (MR/KS)

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