Siddaramaiah asks his supporters not to worry

Former CM Siddaramaiah tweets he has undergone angioplasty as advised by the doctor

Mysuru, December 12:- Supporters of former chief minister Siddaramaiah were worried about the health of the senior Congress leader as rumours of him having severe health issues were being spread. Siddaramaiah took to Twitter to explain about his health condition. In his recent tweet, the former chief minister said that he has undergone angioplasty as suggested by the doctor and said he would take rest for some days. He asked his supporters not to listen to rumours and not to worry.

“Father had heart problem. Dr Ramesh is looking after him. He had undergone angioplasty surgery earlier. Doctors found problem in blood circulation to heart on Wednesday. As per the suggestions of the doctors, he has undergone angioplasty surgery. He is now healthy and fine,” said the son of Siddaramaiah, MLA Dr Yatindra Siddaramaiah. (MR/KS)

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