Siddu is not equal to me: Prasad

Former minister V Srinivasa Prasad held a preliminary meeting of his supporters to discuss about the convention to be held at Nanjanagud on November 8.

“Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has ill-treated me. The reasons he has been giving for dropping me from the cabinet to make way for Mallikarjuna Kharge’s son are not proper. He has no qualities to be compared with me except that he is the CM,” said Prasad.

“Make him stand next to me and see who people respect. Siddaramaiah is not equal to me. My next move will be as decided by the people. I will answer all the allegations on November 8. Siddaramaiah has skilfully broken all the Dalit leaders for his benefit. The convention is not any party’s meeting. It is the convention of my supporters. I have done politics even in Delhi and I don’t have to be taught by Siddaramaiah, who used to stand at my doorstep seeking support,” he said.

Former MUDA chaiman K R Mohan Kumar, Taluk Panchayat member Badanavalu Ramu, Kumbaralli Subbanna, Dr Shaila Balaraj and others were present.

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