Siddu should know history before criticising our freedom fighters: C T Ravi

Prime News, National, Karnataka, Karwar, October 19:- Former chief minister Siddarmaiah is known for his foot-in-the-mouth statements. More often than not, the Kuruba strongman is caught on the wrong foot. That former freedom fighter late Vir Savarkar is likely to be awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously has drawn widespread criticism from Congress leaders. On Friday, Siddaramaiah had hit out at the Centre for choosing Savarkar for the highest civilian award of the country.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, on its part, is convinced that all these charges are part of the wider and long-term plan of the Left and the pseudo-secular lobby to defame the Hindutva movement. They feel that based on Savarkar’s true contributions, he deserves the Bharat Ratna especially when persons of much lesser note have received it in the past, including the entire Nehru-Gandhi family-Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

Training his guns on Siddaramaiah, Tourism Minister, C T Ravi, while speaking to reporters in Karwar on Saturday, said, “Siddaramaiah doesn’t know anything about the history of India’s freedom struggle. It is not right on his part to disrespect our freedom fighters.”

Continuing in the same breath, Ravi said, “Siddaramaiah should visit the jails to get first-hand information about our freedom fighters. Then, his attitude towards them will change.”

Siddaramaiah had commented that Savarkar was one of those who plotted the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi and opined he did not deserve the award.

Commenting on farmers’ protest over Mahadayi project, the minister said, “We have not neglected their interests. We are working legally to solve the issue. Let us not link politics and farmers’ struggle. We always support them.” (MR)

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