Siddu taking credit for Centre’s projects: Simha

Mysuru, July 15:- People of Mysuru had lot of expectations after Chief Minister Siddaramaiah took charge but he did not fulfill their dreams,” said Mysuru-Kodagu MP Pratap Simha at a press meet here on Friday.

Simha was particularly unhappy with Siddaramaiah inaugurating projects funded by the central government.

“We do not get any information regarding the inauguration of central government schemes. In fact, the Centre provided most of the funds for the ring road development. Taking advantage, Chief Minister inaugurated the works without even informing any of us,” he said.

Continuing his tirade against the Chief Minister, Simha said, “The central government provides 80% of the funds for the NURM houses. Instead of allowing a central minister to preside over the function,  Siddaramaiah, it seems, wants to take the credit.  When I asked DC D Randeep, he said these were not brought to his notice at all. State government is hijacking many central government projects. In fact, I wrote to CM’s office for clarification, but I have not received any reply.”.

“We will not allow if the state government continues to keep hijacking central government projects.” He requested the state government to invite concerned central minister if there central government project inauguration. (MR/KS, RV, SN)

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