Simple guide to why Hillary Clinton should be worried

From slam dunk to blue funk sums up Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party’s feelings about where the US presidential elections stand. In two weeks, Hilary’s chances have plummeted. From predictions of a landslide, the talk is shifting to unsavory thought of four years (at least) of Donald Trump. So is Trump going to pull off a Ronald Reagan by coming from behind in the last weeks of campaigning to march victorious? There are many theories and there will be many more if wins, but this election was Hillary’s to lose and she may pull off that remarkable feat.

In an American system of not one, as a commentator put it, but 51 elections, it is important to keep your supporters together across the states that your party is strong in. And this is where she seems to have failed and  Trump succeeded – in breaking down the Democratic coalition that was carefully built over two decades and worked, even when they lost to George Bush Jr.

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