Singhvi moots revamping CWC, shunting out of ‘usual faces’

Close on the heels of party leader Digvijaya Singh mooting “surgery” in the Congress that suffered major setback in assembly polls, another party leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Sunday suggested that new plans should include revamping the Congress Working Committee itself.

Singhvi, a Rajya Sabha MP and spokesman, went onto advise that while there should be a strong case for “micro” management in the party based on “merits”, the “usual faces/ names (should) to shunted to advisory roles”.

“…..50% (percent) pure merit and 50% region, caste etc; shunt usual faces/ names to advisory roles,” he said in a series of tweets.

“Surgery never about unifocal look at leadership,” he said.

The surgery or revamp plans, “Includes specifics-3 & 6 mth prior declaration of MLA/MP candidates; new younger state faces (Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan), new Gen secys; new CWC,” he posted.

He urged party leaders do not dismiss the election results as “business as usual” and wrote in the micro blogging site: “No genuine loyal Congman shrugs off results as OK or business as usual. Apart from incumbency and cyclical factors we will analyse and and have new ideas.”

Besides “new” Congress Working Committee, the highest policy making body of the party, he said there should also a “new” set of general secretaries.

Singhvi, however, took a dig at the BJP, saying: “Congress is a banyan tree giving widest shade without discrimination on basis of caste creed sex origin. Unlike elective biases of some others.”

“Winning elections/getting power is one thing; giving good governance quite another. Hope the secular character of Assam polity not disturbed,” Singhvi said in another tweet with regard to BJP stealing a major victory in the northeastern state and ousting Congress from one of its traditional bastions.

Singhvi’s tweets are significant as two days back, Congress general secretary Digvijaya Singh had called for “action” and “surgery” in the organisation to revamp the party.

The fresh tweets from Singhvi came on Sunday after party spokesman P.C. Chacko had on Friday strongly counseled that all suggestions about changes in the party should come in the Congress Working Committee meeting itself.

“I wish suggestions are made in the Congress Working Committee,” Chacko had said reacting to Digvijaya Singh’s media interviews.

Seeking to lift the morale of Congress members, party chief Sonia Gandhi had on Saturday said: “People practicing the politics of hatred may have deprived us of power, but they can’t snatch the ideology of Rajiv Gandhi that had united everybody.”

She also had said that, “no failure is permanent”.

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