Sir C V Raman death anniversary observed at Balabodhi School

Former Chairman of Mysore Urban Development Authority (MUDA) K R Mohan Kumar on Tuesday inaugurated the 46th Death Anniversary of Nobel laureate Sir C V Raman at Balabhodhi School.

After inaugurating the programme he said: “Sir C V Raman is one of the great scientists that our nation has ever had. His work which is known as the ‘Raman Effect’ is the topic that is studied widely in the world. Every child should make an effort to become another C V Raman.”

“Although he was from a poor family, he was a meritorious student who always worked hard to achieve and contribute to the field of science. He had a highly paid job at that time, but he resigned it and devoted himself for the research in the field of Physics.”

“In order to cultivate ideas and creativity like C V Raman, the children should know more about him. Every child needs to know about his life, because if we forget the history, then we cannot make history. During his education, he was given the complete freedom to utilise the Physics laboratory all the time. Thus the students should find more books about C V Raman from the libraries and start reading,” he added.

M V Ram Prasad, Corporator, Mysore City Corporation, teaching staffs of the college and students were present in the programme.

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