Sitaram Yechury rules out possibility of grand alliance before Lok Sabha elections 2019

Sitaram Yechury is General Secretary of CPI(M), the main constituent of the Left Front. The Left played a crucial role in the first part of the UPA government and was instrumental in formation of Manmohan Singh-led government. In an interview, Yechury spoke on a number of issues. He said that the idea of grand alliance before next year’s general elections is not feasible and better alternative will emerge once results are out. He also spoke on the issue of foreign policy and West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.


Question: Is the Left in same position to play the role which it did during formation of Manmohan Singh-led government?

Sitaram Yechury: In terms of number we are not in the same position as what we were during 2004 but irrespective of the strength, the Left has a critical role to play. We are also the voice of people and it cannot be ignored.

Question: Is grand alliance a feasible idea keeping in mind that multiple regional parties have diverse ideological ecosystem?

Sitaram Yechury: We have to understand the nature and character of India as a country. Indian politics has always been dominated by different parties in different regions. To conceive unity of all the opposition forces at the national level is neither feasible nor advisable. All the major Fronts were formed post elections – whether it was the case of VP Singh’s government or United Front in 1996 or even UPA of 2004. Even 1977 went the same route and the question as to who would lead the government was settled after elections. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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