Skill development programme on ‘Feel Employable’ held at GSSSIETW

Mysuru: The Inaugural function of the skill development programme on ‘Feel Employable’ was organised by GSSS Institute of Engineering for Women recently.

This program was attended by Prof. Sunney Tharappan, director, College for Leadership and HRD, Mangaluru, Prof. R.C. Hiremath, former principal, S. Nijalingappa College, Bengaluru, Prof. R Victor, former principal, Nitte Arts and Science College, Prof. V.B.Mathad, former joint director, Department of Collegiate Education, Bengaluru, Prof. T.S. Venugopal, Maharani College, Mysuru, Prof. V. K. Jose, former principal, Theresian College, Mysuru, Dr.Shivakumar M, Principal GSSSIETW, Dr.Parameshachari B.D, program coordinator, professor and head, Dept. of Telecommunication Engineering,  HODs of all the departments and faculty members of GSSSIETW.

A student of ‘Feel Employable’ will be equipped with necessary information and knowledge to apply and secure employment on the merit of one’s own efficiency and effectiveness through the understanding of concepts and enhancement of skills resulting in identification, development, mobilisation and management of desired competencies and skills in different areas of human resource.

Prof. Tharappan addressed the students about the programme that it’s a short duration programme, a onetime direct external intervention for all students of a particular class of a minimum of 200, for a period of three days continuously, for six hours each day. There are no tests or assessments. The training programme helps participants understand certain concepts and identify certain skills that are to be developed for securing employment. The programme is certified.

Dr.Shivakumar, in his inaugural address, mentioned the importance of FEEL EMPLOYABLE Programme and told the students to effectively utilize the same.

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