Slap hefty fines

Glad to know that MCC has taken up the issue of pasting wall posters on buildings seriously and a fine of Rs 1000 is going to be imposed from now on (CT, 28th Nov). However, with current day scenario, the fine intended to collect is too meagre and the violators easily pay it and get away from it by defacing the buildings be it government owned or private property. It should also collect the charges from the concerned individual or groups who are pasting the amount spent to remove all these posters. First of all, these people do not have any commonsense and they do not spare even the sign boards and colony layout maps (naksha), which are essential for the public to locate a address. This should be taken very seriously and stern action should be initiated on the culprits, besides collecting fine amount. Violators also should think twice before doing such ugly act(s), as defacing is easy.

Dr S V N  Vijayendra, Mysuru

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