Smart class room opened at Govt HS in Yeraganahalli

Mysore Elite Round Ta­ble-256 in association with Mysore Elite Ladies Cir­cle-141 inaugurated smart class room at the Govern­ment High School in Yeraganahalli here under the ‘Freedom through education’ project, recently.

Grand Louis Marchis Fel­low (GLMF) Tr Suman Vohra, President RTI and GLMF Cr Masuma Vagh, President, LCI, inaugurated the smart class room. Ward 56 Corpo­rator Rajini Annaiah was the chief guest. Project co-or­dinator Tr Arjun Kattepura explained about the smart class rooms. Mysore Elite Round Table-256 President Dr S Ravikumar, School de­velopment council President K Dhananjaya, head master Mahadevaswamy, LMF Tr Kailash, President, Area-13 and office-bearers of My­sore Elite Round Table-256 and Mysore Elite Ladies Cir­cle-141 were present.

For the smart class room, the floor was re-laid, room white-washed, a projector and computer was installed and electricity provided along with 30 chairs.

Round Table India has so far opened 1,799 schools un­der the ‘Freedom through ed­ucation’ project and inaugu­rated 5,050 smart class rooms at a cost of Rs 149.60 crores. It has extended assistance to 5.56 million children, states a press release from Mysore Elite Round Table-256 presi­dent Dr S Ravikumar.

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