Social boycott row: Women’s Commission president visits Bommalapura

Mysuru, June 16:- President of Women’s Commission Nagalakshmi Bai visited Bommalapura village where 25 families are allegedly facing social boycott for voting in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). During her visit, two groups of people allegedly indulged in a fight.

She visited three women who are undergoing treatment at a hospital. The women had suffered injuries during an attack and they also explained their plight to the commission president. She assured them of visiting the village to settle the issue. When she was gathering information from all the houses, a shopkeeper said that due to the social boycott, food products kept in the shop were getting stale. Angered by this, the other group said it has not done so.  They alleged that the boycott issue is just a political gimmick. Police intervened to control the uneasy mob.


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