Social Business Day celebrated at Mahajana FGC

On the occasion of Social Business Day, the Youth Social Business Network and SBRR Mahajana First Grade College (FGC) had organised a programme presenting JIIV, a start- up venture and a social business initiative.  Social Business Day is celebrated on the birthday of pioneer of social business Prof Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

The programme was inaugurated by Vishal Chowdri N, secretary of Youth Social Business Network and also founder of JIIV in front of SB tree in the campus by unveiling the Social Business Day banner.

Addressing the gathering, Chowdri explained about their eco-friendly product JIIV pencils. JIIV has undertaken the manufacturing of eco-friendly stationery with the motto ‘Redefining writing instruments’ beginning with pens and pencils made out of waste products like newspapers and paper waste from the book industry.

He also pointed out that more than 82,000 trees are cut annually to produce 15 billion pencils. JIIV aims to educate and create awareness among people, especially children about the depleting natural resources and the path to sustainable development. The organisation stands by the pledge to Refuse, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse and by using this stationery, one will certainly feel closer to the environment, he added.

Principal Prof K V Prabhakara, chairperson of Youth Social Business Network   emphasised on the significance of Social Business Day and SB Tree which was planted by Prof Yunus.  He further said that the SB tree has grown   to 24 feet in a short span of nine months and the cycle is complete.

Recalling the words of Prof Yunus that ‘youth should not be job-seekers, but job creators by turning unemployment into entrepreneurship,’ Prof Prabhakara congratulated JIIV on creating awareness about environment in the society by launching eco- friendly pencils.

An audio visual of JIIV creating awareness about the need to save environment was also screened on the occasion

Dr Vasanth Kumar, director, Green Life Science Technologies Pvt Ltd and Vaishak from University of Pennsylvania also participated in the programme. Alsumaya A. members of teaching and non-teaching staff and students participated in the programme..


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