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Social issues that plague India

Social issues or social evil refers to any undesirable condition that is opposed either by the whole society or by a section of the society. It is an unwanted social condition, often objectionable, the continuance of which is harmful for the society.

Major issues that need to be addressed are:

Caste system:

Caste system is a system of defining class or assigning status to individuals from the time of birth. The main reason behind the growth of caste system in India is the assignment of caste based on job specialization. Caste system encourages untouchability, Promotes Inequality, Fake differentiation in superiority and inferiority. Caste system is a major cause for many inhuman and immoral social practices such as untouchability, child marriage, sati system (sati pratha), prostitution, etc.


Education will help people to become aware of the disadvantages of caste system.

With better education and economic progress, people belonging to diverse caste get an opportunity to mix and work together. Indian political parties often play with castes to earn their votes or to retain their vote base thus by creating a wide gap between communities.


Poverty refers to a situation when people’s basic needs are not fulfilled. When people doesn’t have the necessary food to eat or clothes to wear or shelter to stay then it’s called poverty.


People don’t get proper education which leads to poverty. People are poor because they are illiterate, and they are illiterate because they cannot afford education. Illiteracy and poverty stay side-by-side.

In case where the resources and opportunities are limited and the population is high, there arises a situation of joblessness which ultimately leads to poverty. When a large number of people live in poverty, there is limited scope for the development of country’s economy.

Some natural and environmental problems such as lack of rainfall, drought, etc. often lead to poverty.

Negative effects:

Poor people always have to depend on others to survive. Low quality foods may leads to bad nutrition. Poor people have less liberty for the choice of profession. Poverty may affect the moral and self-esteem of people living in extreme hardship.


Poverty can be checked by increasing job opportunities. It will decrease the rate of unemployment which ultimately results in decrease of poverty in economy.

Government should take more steps towards charity, trusts and have some transparency while spending money in those social institutions.

Child labour:

Child labour is a system of involving children in any economic activity. Children at the age of playing, engage themselves into economic activity for their family. Child labour can be seen throughout the country in a wide way.

Child labour means getting children who are minors of age to do work. Even if children are paid for the labour that they perform, child labour is still wrong.


Un-employment, poverty, Illiteracy, and low standard of living.

Due to unemployment of the parents, children do not get proper education and are forced to get involved in child labour. Educated people are less likely to engage their child as child labours. In general, educated people want to keep up a certain level of standard and live a respectable life. On the contrary, illiterate people are not even aware of the evil effects of child labour.

Negative effects:

Child labour is an inhuman practice. The mental growth of the children engaged in child labour is checked. Children get less time and opportunity to go to school. They are unable to participate fully in education. They are deprived from education which makes them illiterate. Child labour does not only limit children’s ability to grow emotionally and to relish a period of carefree innocence before they are launched into adulthood.

Children are the future pillars of the economy and involving them into child labour will only make those pillars weak. Ultimately, child labour affects the country’s growth.


Imparting education and knowledge to children.

If incomes of the parents can be increased then it is possible for the children’s to get education.

Government will have to take more steps towards proper enforcement of labour laws.

People who are employed and are above the poverty line should take steps towards replacing child workers with adult workers. It will benefit not only the society, but the country at large.

Child labour is an extremely sad and worrying phenomenon that unfortunately still needs to be eradicated in many parts of the world, including India.


Illiteracy refers to the inability to read and or write. The problem of illiteracy is a major social issue in India. It is one of the most dangerous obstacles in the economy’s growth.


Since many adults in India are illiterate, they don’t understand the importance of getting education for their children. Due to the problem of unemployment and poverty, children get little opportunity for proper education.


One of the major causes for crimes is illiteracy. Due to illiteracy issue, rates of crime are gradually increasing and health, productivity and growth of the country is gradually decreasing. Illiterate people find it very difficult to secure a good job and earn livelihood.


The only and the best way to eradicate illiteracy from the society are by education.

The scheme for mid-day meals at schools is a welcome step.

Government should take steps to promote free education for the backward class of the society in government schools.

Religious conflicts:

Religious conflicts are among the most harmful social issues of today. Sometimes violence, war, conflict, etc. arises because of religious fanaticism.


People belonging to different religions have difference in their beliefs. This difference often leads to conflict. Illiterate people can be easily mis-guided by people who want to spread violence in the name of religion.

Negative effects:

People become fearful and it affects the overall progress of the country. The lack of communal harmony in society leads to disunity.


The solution for religious violence is in the hands of the people only. People should gain proper knowledge and develop better understanding. By removing the thoughts of cruelty, one can correctly judge what’s right or wrong.


Beggary is another social problem in our country. People who are in extreme situation of need and poverty are called beggars. The state of being a beggar is called beggary.


Some of the reasons behind beggary are poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, social customs, physical disability, mental state, disease and many more.


Beggars largely depend on what they get from the people and this is in fact a big problem because they start to depend totally on this and stop finding any other source of income. Now, they have become burden to the society and they in fact forcefully made their children to do the same.


Government has to take large initiatives to remove the problem of beggary from the society like providing job security, recruiting more employees in the Governmental sectors and many more. Beggary problem can also be in control if the children who are begging can be put in the Govt schools for education because education is the main key to eradicate any social problem.

Dowry system:

Dowry is one of the most evil practices that are prevalent in the Indian society. Dowry system is actually the transfer of money, property and other valuable assets of bride’s family to the groom’s family on the eve of marriage.


Tradition for asking for dowry at the time of marriage. The greed among the family of groom for quick and easy money. People also ask for dowry for maintaining status.


Bride’s family spend lavishly during the marriage. Because of this social evil, some families lose huge money. Parents often take loan for their daughter’s marriage.

In many cases, by watching the poor situation of their parents, bride becomes mentally affected. Sometimes, the mental torture due to dowry leads to suicidal tendencies. Many cases of dowry deaths have been seen in past years. Emotional torture and divorce are other evil effects of dowry system.


People should stop discrimination between a boy and a girl. Girls should also be allowed to have their education and proper knowledge.

Last, but not the least, parents should change the thoughts of dowry from their mind and children should stand against their family for doing this.


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