Social media is amazing: Paris Hilton

Socialite Paris Hilton says social media has a positive effect on her life and has allowed her to connect with her fans in a wonderful way.
The 35-year-old is a committed Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram user and although many celebrities complain about trolls abusing them, her experience has mainly been wonderful and has brought her closer to her fans.

“Social media is amazing! It has given me a way to directly connect and chat to fans in a way I never could have done before,” Hilton told Prestige Hong Kong magazine.

“I often launch contests or ask fans questions or even meet up with fans when I travel — all through connecting on social media. I also enjoy sharing some of my happiest times and moments and letting fans experience them with me,” she added.

But she doesn’t want to try online dating because she is too scared of attracting stalkers.

Hilton – who split from her boyfriend, Swiss millionaire Thomas Gross, earlier this year  said: “I never have tried dating sites or apps. I would be too scared of stalkers. I have heard some crazy stories from my friends!”


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