Social media won’t affect print media: Ravi Hegde

Mysuru, December 7:- “We don’t have to worry that social media will affect the print media,” said editor of Kannada Prabha newspaper, Ravi Hegde here on Thursday.

He was speaking after inaugurating a workshop on the impact of social media on small newspapers and the challenges ahead. The workshop was held in memory of veteran journalist Rajashekhar Koti at Vijnana Bhavan of Manasagangotri.

“There is nothing called big newspaper or small newspaper. All are journalists. Twitter had an impact in making Barack Obama as the president of the US in 2008. Social media spreads news half an hour before it appears on mainstream media. They sometimes create chaos. The moment the news that titular king Yaduveer’s wife gave birth to a baby boy, photos uploaded on social media. The photo turned out to be some other baby’s. It was learnt that the photo was uploaded 2 months ago and was nowhere related to Yaduveer. Many times false photos of missing children are being spread on social media,” he said.

“Earlier people used to blame print media and later television. Now they are scolding social media. There should be competition, but credibility should not be lost. Digital media is making what could not be done in 100 years. Print media can reach the digital audience in the form of e – paper. English newspapers haven’t lost their readers even with the advent of digital communication. Unfortunately, we are chopping the roots of the tree called media in the name of modern technology. If not digital, someone else will correct us. It would be better if we correct ourselves. Print media presents the known news in an attractive manner, so reader will get newer information. When Dr Rajkumar died, people knew the information but not about the last moments of his life. It is the duty of print media to cater such news to the readers. We should have our own Kannada news source as Google news,” he added.

President of Karnataka Madhyama Academy, Siddaraju, bureau chief of New Indian Express, K Shivakumar, president of the press club, C K Mahendra, editor of Andolana newspaper, Ravi Koti and others were present. (MR/GK).

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