Sort out differences peacefully: Shivaraj Kumar

“Dirtying Cauvery river is like disrespecting our own mother,” said Kannada film star Dr Shivaraj Kumar.

Dr Shivraj Kumar, better known as the hat-trick hero of Sandalwood industry, was conferred with ‘Cauvery  Ratna’ award during the Cauvery Sankramana function by ‘Cauvery Kannada Sangha’ near Cauvery statue in Koppa on Tuesday.

“People should not pollute river Cauvery. It is our responsibility to respect our rivers and languages. We are all Indians and when there are differences between the states, we need to indulge in talks and peaceful negotiations, instead of destroying our own properties,” he said. “Instead of refraining people from speaking other languages in Karnataka, people should be motivated to learn Kannada,” he added.

Former minister C H Vijayashankar spoke about the importance of river Cauvery in south India and urged for the purification of rivers like Ganga.

Monk Karma Rempoche of the Tibetian camp said that India is a holy land where people respect and worship their parents and all the countries should follow this tradition. “Every year we are facing water scarcity. It is very important to save water for our next generation,”  he said.

Babindra Prasad, president of Cauvery Kannada Sangha, Grama Panchayat president Savithri and others were present.

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