Soulful violin duet at Gokulam

Sri Krishna Gana Sabha Gokulam Mysuru organised a rare Violin duet by Vid K J Dileep and Vid­hushi Sangeetha Dileep recently.

The concert commenced in the legend M S Gopalakrishnan style in single string in two speed followed by the popular Kriti, Vata­pi Ganapathim Bhaje, the compo­sition of Sri Mutuswamy Dikshitar in raga Hamsadhwani and tala Adi.

The popular devaranama “Nagumomu” the composition of Saint Thyagaraj in Raga Abheri and Tala Adi kept the audience spellbound This was followed by another de­varanama “Tamburi meetidava,” a composition of Saint Purandara­dasa in Raga Sindhubhairavi Adi trisra gathi were beautifully ren­dered with utmost ease.

The centerpiece of the even­ing’s concert by Vid K J Dileep and Vidhushi Sangeeta confined to the alapana and final swara in Manavy­alakim in Nalinakanti Krishna Neebegane baro in Sindhu Bhairavi, a composition of Saint Vysaraya. The song selection was apt to the venue and ambience. The rasikas were totally immersed in the soul­ful music by the young couple.

The violin recital by the duo mesmerised the rasikas and proved beyond doubt that they are brilliant, dedicated and talented artistes.

They were ably supported by Vid.A Radesh on Mrudanga and Vid Manjunath on the Ghatam.


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