Sound mind leads to noble thoughts: Dr TK Kempegowda

Mysuru, September 26:- A special lecture on the importance of physical and intellectual power of youth in the development of the nation’ was held at Yuvaraja College here as part of the NSS Day and golden jubilee programme recently.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest of the programme, Dr TK Kempegowda, assistant professor at Maharaja College, said, “A sound body will have a sound mind. With this, one can perform well in their lives. Wisdom is superior to education, the experience is better than wisdom. So, the experience is real education. It increases our self-confidence and concentration.”

“As Swami Vivekananda once said, ‘First be strong. Play football or any other game before reading Bhagavad Gita.’ This will increase your physical strength which will further increase your passion to do good deeds,” he added.

Principal of the college Dr M Rudraiah called upon the students not to get addicted to electronic gadgets but pay attention to studies and physical activities. “By playing games outside, one can make many friends which will give different experiences in life. Do not lose the values of our culture and life. Be a good example for others. Gandhiji is still remembered for his simplicity in life,” he said.

Oath on ‘tobacco ban’ was administered on this occasion. Dr Bhat Satish Shankar, Dr PG Chandrashekar, Dr Venkatesh, Dr Chandra Mohan, Annapoorna and students were present. (MR/SH)

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