South Western Railway Conducts Swachh Neer Diwas

As part of ‘Swachh Rail Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ being observed all over the Indian Railways from September 17 to 25, South Western Railway observed Swachha Neer Diwas (Clean Water Day) on Tuesday, September 20.

Intensive inspection of water installations including filter plants, sources of water supply, water taps at stations and for checking availability and quality water in trains were undertaken at various stations of South Western Railway. The effort was made to ensure that quality potable water is available for passengers and there is no shortage of water supply at any of passenger service locations like waiting rooms, retiring rooms, platforms, trains, etc. Inspection of water vending machines, water coolers were undertaken and sample check was conducted for quality of water.

Dr I Senthil Kumar, Sr Divisional Commercial Manager of Hubballi and Krishnareddy, Sr Divisional Operations Manager of Hubballi conducted inspections to check the quality and availability of drinking water at Gadag station. S Saravanan, Assistant Commercial Manager and other Officers conducted inspections at Hubballi Railway Station. Ramesh Malakavi, Assistant Engineer of Belagavi conducted similar checks at Belagavi Railway station and on-board train no.16589 Ranichannamma express.

Dr Kishore Kumar, Sr Divisional Medical Officer of Bengaluru checked for water quality at platforms and inspected recycling water plant and water sources of Yeshvantpur station. Aparna Garg, Additional Divisional Railway Manager of Bengaluru inspected the Ground Level Reservoir at Bengaluru. The sample water collected from the GLR and the overhead water tank in the railway premises were sent for bacterial examination to the laboratory. The surroundings of GLR were cleaned and the GLR manhole openings were closed with slabs.

At Mysuru Railway Station Dr Munikannaiah, Chief Medical Superintendent of Mysuru inspected the water installations of the station and of the railway colonies of Mysuru.

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