South Western Railway promotes cleanliness drive in a unique way

While the central and state government, local bodies and other authorities are trying hard to rope in well known faces or a celebrity to create awareness among the general public about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the South Western Railway (SWR) in Mysuru has come up with a unique idea to draw the attention of people and sensitise them on the importance of cleanliness.

In this techno-fast moving world, the youngsters and most of the general public are not paying attention to the educative or awareness hoardings and posters displayed at public places. Many of them take the awareness hoardings or government ads as outdated and not so creative. But now as an exception, the Mysuru Division of SWR is appreciated by the citizens for their creative meme template poster displays at the Mysuru Railway Station premises.

A meme template poster titled ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan,’ displayed by SWR has now become the trending topic on social media and also the talk of the town. Every regular visitor commuting from or to the Mysuru Railway Station is now having a glimpse at these posters displayed on a pillar of the building.

This meme template poster has the photographs of Sandalwood legendary actors Dr Rajkumar and Dr Vishnuvardhan along with actors Jaggesh and Sadhu Kokila. The railways have displayed these creative meme template posters and wisely made use of the pictures of well known actors’ with humorous and witty dialogues to draw the attention of the people passing by.

These posters not only draw the attention of the people, but also convey the message of cleanliness and cautions people about getting fined for spitting at the Mysuru Railway Station.

The message has been put up in three languages, Kannada, English and Hindi to facilitate the commuters and to make them understand the metaphor on the posters.

Sharing his opinion with City Today about the initiative taken by SWR, a Mysurean and software engineer Vidwath said, “Thousands of people visit the city every day, efforts made in keeping the city clean with the big buntings, flashy logos and taglines goes in vain when the people litter around. In the fast moving world not all citizens may have the patience to read the rhetoric lines on the government ads. Our heads are always bowed to cell phones looking at overflowing social media buzzes, feeds and GIFs. This has led to ‘short attention span,’ lesser the words more we relent to the content, which definitely makes an impact on our consciousness.”

“The creative meme template ‘Swachh Bharath Abhiyan’ posters displayed at the city railway station caught my attention and others while I was there to drop my brother. Popular actors’ pictures with their witty monologues are calling for the attention; a native will surely enjoy trying to read in the actors tone and also take the cue. It’s good that they are in Kannada, Hindi and English; hope the travellers read it and oblige to do so”

Vidwath, a Software Engineer 

A Facebook page titled ‘Ganchali Bidi Kannada Mathadi’ which has more than 2 lakh likes has shared the photograph of the picture and within a day, more than 1.5K likes people have expressed their likes and 130 people have shared the post. A few comments on the post say, ‘A great initiative by South Western Railway’ in educating the people.

As the state and central government is trying their best in creating awareness on a ‘Clean India,’ the SWR has gone a step forward and is actively involved in conveying the message to thousands of passengers.


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