Spa row gets new twist; owner’s wife targets complainant

Mysuru, December 23:- The prostitution racket at a spa at Bogadi has taken a new twist. Saloon owner Rajesh’s wife has alleged that the complainant woman had asked for money and when the owner refused, she resorted to cheap tactics.

“In the entire case, the woman is being projected as a victim. But it is me and my child who are victims in the case. My husband Rajesh opened the saloon with a lot of difficulties. Due to poor business, we haven’t paid the rent for the last two months. I have not been to my native since the saloon opened three months ago. How can my husband rape her? We have CCTV cameras in and around the saloon. Actors Sadhu Kokila and Mandya Ramesh have not come here at all. We don’t do anything other than what we are supposed to. If the police have found anything during the raid, let them submit it. That girl worked only for 15 days in our saloon. Odanadi organization is behind all these. We will fight for justice,” she said.

Owner of the building, Swamy said, “I have rented the building for the salon. They have not paid rent for two months. The entire building has CCTV. Mandya Ramesh had come for the inauguration and not otherwise.   No such incident took place in the saloon as complained, not even massage as has been told,” he added. (MR/KS).

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