Spark missing

Australia have once again faltered and it is hoped no kneejerk reaction will ensue. The transition phase is on and a relatively young side is expected to rise to the occasion again. In a format purely envisaged to entertain with little regard to cricketing prowess or acumen it is but natural that “success” may prove elusive for quite some time. The ODI and test teams are shaping along nicely and the long term focus has to be fixated there. It is time players were asked to tick the boxes where they can deliver maximum throughput and not fancy a shot in every format. Popular examples like Malinga and Tendulkar would demonstrate that fast bowlers must sacrifice the longer version in the long run while good batters must give up the shorter ones as they delve into the obsolete. The spark seems to be missing, the quirkiness is gone and those daft moves that made Australian cricket tick are a thing of the past. Time’s running out, to retain the Ashes in the northern  hemisphere after nearly a decade and a half of painful wilderness will need a  quick soul search. It is time to “segregate” the talent and ask  everybody to pull up their socks, for next year is the make or break  year for Australian cricket. An old school style Tri-series in the Caribbean is due and the subcontinent is next. In times of utter gloom and supposed doom the Baggy Green shall ignite, inspire and

Anoop Hosmath, Mysuru

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