‘Special’ children show they are no less

Exhibiting their talent, the mentally challenged students from Maithri Institution put up a memorable performance that held the audience spell bound. The ‘special’ children looked determined and were, it seems, out to prove a point or two. The valedictory of Santhasa summer camp organised on Monday for special children at Ideal Jawa Rotary School here proved to be more than successful.

Maithri Institution founder Professor Venkoba Rao, Patrons Savitha Ranga, Shuba Sanjay Urs, Professor Venkoba Rao’s daughter Prithvi Sudheendra, who manages Maithri, Praveen Pal, Shruthi Tarun, Chidambara Shivanna, Deepika Rao and Murugesh were present at the event.

Speaking on the oc-casion, actor Mandya Ramesh lamented that in the name of moderni-sation, our society has failed to protect human values. “We have failed to protect the interests of special children. No doubt, there is lip sym-pathy but when it comes to reality, there is nothing that is forthcoming.”

Lauding noteworthy service of Maithri Institution over the years, he pointed that along with parents, the younger generation has to join hands with the organization to serve the mentally and physically challenged, so that the inferiority complex can be eradicated from their minds. “This will surely help us in nurturing their talent, while strengthening their confidence level,” Ramesh opined.

He pointed that people those who have adopted great human values can nurture mentally challenged people.

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