Special food for Sahitya Sammelana

Mysuru, November 6:- A preview meeting was organised to discuss about the preparations of Kannada Sahitya Sammelana to be held from November 24 to 26 here in the city. District In-charge Minister Dr H C Mahadevappa presided over the meeting held at government guest house.

“We have already discussed with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to release Rs 8 crore. Food, accommodation and transportation are the major issues during the convention. Help desk will be opened near the bus stand and the railway station. Accommodation facilities will be made after discussing with schools and colleges and hotel owners. Transportation facility has to be provided from the venue to the hotels and guest houses,” said the minister.

“President convention will be brought in a decorated chariot. Around 600 artists will perform during the three-day event. We are discussing with institutions to provide 5000 children to take part in the procession. Around 200 women will be participating in the procession to lead it. Bullock carts, auto rickshaws and tongas will be there in the procession. Cultural programs will be held on 6 stages from 6 pm to 9 pm. Around 12 programmes will be held on the main stage and 75 on other stages. Programmes recording Kannada and culture will be given prominence,” said deputy director of Kannada and culture department, H Chennappa.

“We are prepared to provide the participants with good quality food. Three counters will be opened for food distribution to guests, registered participants and the public. All the three counters will cater same varieties of food. Idli, vada, khara pongal, coffee and tea will be given for the breakfast on November 24. Ragi balls, huruli kattu, kajjaya, banana, methi bath, rice sambar, rasam, butter milk, papad and pickle will be given for lunch. Puri – sagu, rice payasa, rice sambar, rasam, butter milk and pickle and papad will be served for dinner. On 25th, upma and kesari bath, masala vada, tea and coffee will be served for breakfast. Chapati – brinjal palya, holige – ghee, melukote puliogare, rice sambar, rasam, butter milk, papad and pickle will be served for lunch. Millet payasa, veg pulao, rice sambar, rasam, butter milk, papad and pickle will be there for dinner. On 26th, shavige bath, rice bath – chutney, coffee and tea will be served for breakfast. Ragi rotti, corn rotti, rice rotti, Mysuru pak, kalle huli, huchellu chutney, bisibele bath, rice sambar, rasam, butter milk, papad and pickle will be there for lunch. Vangi bath – raitha, laddu, rice sambar, rasam, papad and pickle will be served for dinner,” said Dr Ka Rameshwarappa.

MLA Vasu, ZP president Nayima Sultana, Mayor M J Ravi Kumar, MUDA chairman Dhruvakumar, Mysuru paints and varnish president H A Venkatesh, DC D Randeep, ADC T Yogesh and others were present. (MR/KS).

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