Special Lecture for Kannada students held at Mahajana’s

Criticism should be effective, simple, impulsive and should incorporate good communication qualities with stress on development of all, opined Prof P Bettegowda, Associate Professor, Vijayanagara Govt First Grade College.

He was speaking at a lecture series organised recently by Department of Kannada at SBRR Mahajana First Grade College for Optional Kannada students.

Addressing the participants, he said that the Kannada literature has a rich history. When we study literature, we need to contemplate on our history as well as national and international criticism trends. Criticism is an intellectual activity. When literature is known as reflection of life, the response to this reflection is called criticism. Literature should ensure co-existence and build a healthy society with stress on development of all living beings. Criticism is important, without which a writer would be an autocrat. In this context, it is necessary to understand the importance of criticism to optional Kannada students.

“Kannada literature has seen various phases with focus on various subjects and hence we need to look at the criticisms from multi-disciplinary perspectives.” – Prof P Bettegowda, Vijayanagara Govt FGC

Further, he said that ancient literary personalities are relevant even to this day. He called upon critics to be subjective and produce good pieces of criticism with reference to ancient and present day writers.

Head of the Department of Kannada Prof H R Thimmegowda, Assistant Professor B R Jayakumar, Dr. Vinodamma, K Mahadev, Prakash, Anitha and others were present.


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