Special lecture for teacher trainees held at Bhagawan Buddha College of Education, Malavalli

“Right kind of attitude of teachers play a major role  in discharging their  duties  and therefore concerted efforts needs to be put in to develop proper attitudes towards the profession and students  by every teacher at all  levels of education starting from pre- nursery up to post- graduation”, said Dr N N Prahallada, Regional Institute of Education RIE, NCERT, Mysuru.

He was delivering a special lecture on “Personality Development and Role of Teachers” for the teacher trainees of Bhagawan Buddha College of Education, Malavalli, recently.

Dr Prahallada urged the teachers to have enormous patience and tolerance while dealing with the student community. “Teachers must manifest their matured behaviour clubbed with wisdom. While entering the class, all teachers should have a happy face with a smile, only then teaching becomes effective and interaction from students is possible. Unfortunately many teachers go with a glazed face to the class and demotivate students”, he said.

He said that teachers in the contemporary context have an onerous responsibility as learning facilitators as well as diagnosticians to solve the learning problems of students. Teachers should act as agents of social change to make students understand the problems of society.  Motivating students is the prime responsibility of all teachers and to do this, teachers must be self-motivated.

“Teaching becomes interesting only when teachers narrate the subject with live examples. Mere bookish information will not help students whereas community work and social work will improve students’ deeper understanding towards the society. Co-curricular activities help build appropriate personality of both teachers and students.  All students must be made to participate in all the activities of the school and only then students will catch up and understand each other better”, he opined.

Founder Chairman of Bhagawan Buddha Group of Institutions and BJP Leader Yamadur Siddaraju, called upon the teacher trainees to develop appropriate attitude towards the profession and to contribute for its growth.

Around 98 BEd students participated in the programme.


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