Special lecture on Indian space programmes at SBRR Mahajana FGC

Dr Halappa R Gajera gave elaborated on the classification of satellites and various innovative space programmes launched by India since 1957.

 A special lecture on “Satellite Communication and Antennas” by Halappa R Gajera, Assistant Professor, HoD, Dept. of Electronics, Post Graduation Centre, Hemagangotri, University of Mysore, was organised by the Department of Electronics at SBRR Mahajana First Grade College recently.

Halappa spoke on the different space programmes launched by India since 1957. He gave a lucid explanation on the classification of satellites viz. active, passive satellites; satellites based on the inclination angle viz. polar, GSO; satellites based on their heights viz. LEO, MEO, GSO; and satellites used for communication and weather.

He added that the lifetime of a satellite is about 15 years. He also spoke about the latest innovation in NASA’s reusable spacecraft shuttle which was launched like a rocket, and returned to Earth like a glider. It was designed to carry large payloads – such as satellites – into orbit and bring them back if necessary for repairs, thus saving billions of dollars as against the previous satellites which were destroyed after their mission to space.

Principal Dr K V Prabhakara gave the welcome speech. Prof Mary Eapen welcomed the gathering and proposed vote of thanks. Faculty member Poornima S and students of the MCE and PMCs courses participated in the programme.

 The speaker Dr Halappa R Gajera gave an insight into the rapid pace at which the Indian space programmes were progressing and also gave a brief glimpse of different types of antennas used for communication, their working principles, and earth station controls. He spoke on the advances of antennas, stressing on omni- directional micro strip antennas used in mobiles. He lauded the dedication of the scientists in our country.

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