Special lecture on ‘Role of women in politics’ held at Nataraja College

“Women play a very important role in politics and success can be achieved only through knowledge and experience. Education and job is like two eyes of a woman and one must come out of the unscientific issues related to women. The country will be benefited and women participate in active politics. They get the decision making power only through education and job” said M N Manjula, who was speaking on the topic of “Role of women in politics’. She also said that one can see women as President and Vice-Presidents of gram panchayat.

She was addressing the students in the special lecture on ‘Role of women in politics’ organised by the department of Political Science, Sri Nataraja Residential First grade College, Mysuru, on Wednesday.

One can fight only through cultural aspects as now-a-days the assaults on women is in the rise and they themselves play an important role in controlling them through direct objection and active participation in politics. Education not only gives mental strength to the women, it will make her debate, discuss the issues with everyone with equal freedom.

Principal N G Lokesh presided the programme and Prof S Satyanarayana coordinated the programme. A Shwetha Shree, departmental head of Political Science and others were present on the occasion.

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