Specially-abled children attend zumba fitness programme

Justbooks and Hobby Place jointly conducted zumba, a dance fitness programme for specially-abled children recently.

Children of Mythri Chari-table Trust attended a couple of programmes conducted by Kusuma Ramarao Nanda Sridhar for music sessions and kolaata this summer.

Pallavi, a zumba instructor has been working with differently-abled children in Dubai and India and over a period has seen a very good response in holistic development of children.

Poornima V Kumar, language pathologist, interacted with children who attended zumba session and performed well in integrated therapy of verbal and written skills. ”

Reflexes are low in differently-abled children due to which their performance is slow, and after attending zumba there has been good attention span to complete the tasks given to children,” she said.Savitha Shenoy Ranga who heads The Hobby

Savitha Shenoy Ranga who heads The Hobby Place, appreciated the spontaneity of differently-abled children performing zumba with instructor Pallavi. She lauded the efforts of these children in following directions, expressions and verbal shout outs and reflex of turn around and following the cue.

Pallavi has never limited her skill set, but worked with special needs children and has simplified the steps and rhythm for enabling differently-abled to benefit movement therapy through zumba.

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