Sri Lankan Police open fire at anti-govt protesters; 1 killed, 10 injured

Prime News, International, Economy, Protest, Colombo, April 20:- The Sri Lankan Police on Tuesday (April 19) had confirmed opening fire at many anti-government protestors in Rambukkana. Sources suggest that at least one person was killed, and 10 were injured in the firing. Police added that protestors attempted to set fire to a fuel bowser.

Sri Lankan state media reported that the public had blocked the railway tracks near the Rambukkana railway crossing for over 8 hours over fuel price hike. The police had fired tear gas at the protesters to disperse them, following which clashes had erupted.

Sri Lanka is on the brink of bankruptcy, with nearly $7 billion of its total $25 billion in foreign debt due for repayment this year. A severe shortage of foreign exchange means the country lacks the money to buy imported goods.

People have endured months of shortages of essentials like food, cooking gas, fuel, and medicine, lining up for hours to buy the very limited stocks available. (MR, Inputs: Agencies)

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