Sri Mahavir Ahimsa Award conferred on former CFTRI scientist Dr Khadar

Spreading the message of non-violence as promulgated by Jaint tirthankara Mahavir, Sri Mahavir Seva Samsthana conferred Sri Mahavir Ahimsa Award upon former CFTRI scientist Dr Khadar to celebrate his contributions towards encouraging organic farming and consumption of vegetarian food for better health.

Speaking after receiving the award, Dr Khadhar on Tuesday said that life was but a learning process and that we had to live by according respect and love on others without harming anyone.

To have a peaceful life, he said: “We have to live and let others live as well. Also, there was a need to provide education with a stress on non-violence and vegetarianism for a healthy life and a better society.”

Highlighting how people consuming non-vegetarian food were vulnerable for diseases, the former CFTRI scientist urged parents to discourage their children from bakery food, chocolates and biscuits as it was largely prepared using contaminated oil which caused illness and kidney related problems.

He further noted that by growing sugarcane and other commercial crops using pesticides, the natural resources and minerals were being contaminated resulting in more diseases among people.

During the event, former mayor N Prakash was felicitated. Members of Sri Mahavir Seva Samsthana and Sheelashri Anantharaju, President, Padmashri Mahila Sangha, Madan Kumar, President, ML Jain Boarding and Sri Mahavir Bhavan Construction Committee President M N Sudheer Kumar were present. 

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