Stardom makes me uncomfortable: Arvind Swamy

Actor Arvind Swamy, who was introduced to the world of cinema by maverick director Mani Ratnam, has revealed that he never wanted to become an actor and that the stardom made him feel uncomfortable. “I never wanted to be an actor. I was a reluctant actor but the process of making those films was what I really enjoyed. The attention that came with success was something which made me very uncomfortable. I was not prepared for it, I was not ready. I was in my early twenties,” Arvind told reporters.

But the actor, who made a comeback to the film industry after seven long years through Mani Ratnam’s Kadal, has admitted that he has always enjoyed the success. “I enjoyed the success I didn’t enjoy the attention. It’s like ‘I want you to see my films but leave me alone’. If you think all your life that you want to be a star, want to perform, then that is something you would enjoy. But I was much unprepared for what came my way,” he has said. “If I came out and saw 100 people standing, it would make some people happy and proud or make some people run back to their house. I belong to the second category,” he added.

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