Stark reality

Mysuru has the title of cleanest city in the country. Many citizens, including this writer, wonder how clean the city is and whether the choice is based on permutation-combination of certain numbers?  Statistically yes; we are clean, but not in reality. We are witness to every residential area stinking with garbage piled up in most of the corners. As citizens, we are also partly responsible. We lack the decency of dropping the garbage into the bins provided by the corporation. Instead, majority of the people throw the garbage from a distance littering the area, making others unable to access the garbage bins to dispose their bags. Mysuru has another unique type of garbage disposal! Many people in swanky cars drop their garbage bag in the middle of the road while driving, which ultimately spreads all around. MCC is equally irresponsible and the staff and officers hardly care for public complaints. They depend on how the contractor functions/responds! The reasons are well known!? In addition, the garbage collecting trucks are parked very close to a school or on a busy road, students and passers-by suffer from the stink. Even these trucks do not cover the garbage. Instead open trucks pass through the roads scattering the garbage all around. A number of letters appeared in the media requesting the corporation authorities to cover the garbage truck fully before transporting. Who cares? 
I produce a couple of photos which explains the problem aptly. Hope, MCC  Commissioner initiates appropriate action early.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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